When you and your spouse can’t agree on décor

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paintingThey say that opposites often attract in relationships, but what happens when your sweet counterpart enters the battleground over home renovation conversations? Arguments over décor, colors, and materials can feel downright threatening to your relationship if you don’t know how to handle them.

So how do you get along when it comes to home decor? From gutting the bathroom to painting the kitchen, follow these steps in order to make peace with your significant other and find a design plan that works well for each of you.

  1. Create Inspiration Boards

It might sound cheesy, but inspiration boards work to reflect your vision of the home design project. Collect photographs and samples to represent your ideas. Ask your spouse to do the same. Upon completion, you can compare the two boards. Look for areas that you might overlap and start there your conversations there.

  1. Mix and Match

The most important thing you can do to keep things level is to compromise. Find out areas together that you just can’t live on, and other areas that might not mean as much to you. Who knows? You may come up with a new style that is completely unique to both of you.

  1. Discuss a Budget

About 70% of couples experience tension due to financial issues. When it comes to home renovation, it is no different. If you run into design dilemmas because of budgetary restrictions, push it off to a later date. Talk through the budget of each of your ideas before picking up the paintbrush.

  1. Focus on DIY

Sometimes all a couple needs are to accomplish something together. If you’ve spent some time arguing, find a project that you both are excited about and find some things that you can DIY. Maybe during that time, you’ll come up with some new design ideas together!

  1. Work with a Professional

When all else fails, bring a professional in the mix. They might have some input that neither of you ever considered, or may have a unique way of pairing each one of your tastes together to get the best of both worlds. Stay open-minded to second opinions.


Sharing the Vision

Moving in with someone means making some sacrifices. When it comes to design plans instead of retreating to separate corns, work through your problems with a shared vision in mind? Remember, you both want to complete the project and live in a space that is comfortable for the ones that you know and love. These best results come when you set your differences aside and decide to work together towards a common goal!