What Kind of Toilet Should I Choose?

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ToiletsNo one loves talking about it, but purchasing a toilet for your home is one of most important household decisions you will have to make. We’re talking about a household appliance that each member of your family will use six or seven times a day for the next 30+ years! When searching for your perfect “look” the vast amount of choices and variety will be astounding. There is a multitude of designs, colors, capabilities, heights and even technologies.

Here are some tips and tricks on choosing a toilet that is perfect for you:

# 1 You get what you pay for

Not all toilets are created equally. Just like anything you purchase, there are brands, styles, and capabilities that are better than others. Don’t go with the cheapest option or the most expensive, instead search for a mix of efficiency and value.

# 2 Stray off the beaten path

Popular home centers are a great place to start, but they don’t always have the all of the top-rated toilets on the market. In order to explore the widest selection of makes and models, check out online retailers and bathroom showrooms in your area.

# 3 Size of bathroom and space

Take the time to consider what your bathroom space and home structure can handle, keeping in mind the aesthetics and capacity of your bathroom. Take measurements and if your bathroom is smaller, consider how your swinging bathroom door may affect your decisions on bowl shape and sizes.

# 4 Unique features will cost you!

Fancy flush mechanisms and custom features may have you dreaming, but this could cost you, even more, time and money later on. Many of these one-of-a-kind models are just that, and might not be available years down the road should you require parts or maintenance.

When in doubt?

Talk to a contractor. Take advice from someone that has seen your home bathroom and understands your needs. Identify essential features and consider what part of your wish lists might be negotiable. Keep in mind, you want something that works well and will last for years to come!