Five ways to Cut Costs When Renovating

Posted by on Jul 13, 2017 in Home Improvements | Comments Off on Five ways to Cut Costs When Renovating

Updating a tired kitchen, bathroom or basement not only adds functionality to your home, but also value. However, renovation budgets can easily run out of control if not properly planned for. The costs of remodeling should not scare you since you can cut the costs without cutting the corners. Having some strategic design decisions and good source of materials, you can save much and make it more fun to live in your home. Here are some tips that will not only help you lower your remodeling expenses, but also ensure a good return on investment even if you’re on a tight budget.

Plan early and have a budget.

Before you hire a contractor, you should have already decided on what you not only want but also what you can afford. This will help you avoid losing focus and perspective when a contractor starts to make suggestions. Moreover, it will help you make a prior decision on where to save and where to spend more.

Consider a little DIY

Although it is a very involving task, it can help you save much more worth of a day’s labor. However, you should leave demolition for a professional if you’ve never attempted it before. This can help prevent disaster during the demolition. You can also do other jobs such as cleaning yourself to help lower the charges.

Don’t move plumbing

You can save labor and material costs if you choose not to move the toilets, shower plumbing and sinks during the renovation. Moving your facilities from the places they are can be timely and expensive. To reduce the costs, you should therefore ensure the facilities remain in the same place even if you upgrade them.

Consider cabinet refacing

You should check out if cabinet refacing can work for your cabinet before you rip them out. If the cabinets are still in a good condition, you should apply veneer or paint them then update the doors. This will help you save thousands that you could have used in replacing the cabinets.

Get substitutes and salvage

Local salvage shops offer alternatives to high-end materials which are of the same quality as you could be in need of at a cheaper price. You should therefore check there since you could get lightly used or recycled fixtures at relatively cheaper prices that can help you save on the renovation expenses.