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How to choose a window installation company

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Finding the right window installation for you can be difficult, especially if you have never worked with a window company before. To avoid any problems later on, follow these key steps in finding a replacement window contractor that is great for you and your home’s needs.


  1. Research Options Ahead of Time


Research and discover what kind of windows you feel like would be the best for your needs. Many window companies specialize in certain areas. Make yourself familiar with different window options, types and costs before you shop around.


  1. Get Three Itemized Bids


When shopping for the best contractor, make sure to get at least three detailed bids. Good bids should include specific products and materials the contract might use, along with proposed payment terms, start and finish dates.


Beware of companies that request the entire cost of the project up front, even if they offer a discount. A good contract should only request 2o% – 30% to start the job, the rest being paid in installments or upon job completion.


  1. Check for Warranties


Windows sometimes fail or break because of the way that they’re installed. Good window companies always warranty their work. The standard window warranty is typically 10 years and workmanship warranty typically last for 2 years.


Some things to keep in mind:


Match your windows to your climate – Consider the type of windows that your work well with your home structure and climate of your area. Windows can be specialized for hot/cold climate or high/low wind areas, etc.


Price doesn’t indicate great performance – Just because a window is expensive doesn’t mean that it does what you need it to. When in doubt, choose a window that works well for your home’s air and light needs over unnecessary or fancy aesthetics.


Don’t overspend! – Many window companies will try to increase the cost of your windows through upgrades. Focus on features that add increased value to your investment such as more light, optimal airflow or sun screening.


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